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Despite valuable attempts by the American Translators Association in North America, or through the formulation of the ISO and the new CE standards in Europe, strong translation practices remain largely unregulated and regrettably scarce. This, combined with the availability of Machine Translation promoted by a flurry of translation portals offering “free” translations has led the public to view translation services as a commodity which can be bargained down with no affect on quality.

On the other hand, quality translation can be an expensive item on a company’s ledger due to the highly skilled and labor-intensive craft involved. But if quality has a price tag, the ROI is priceless. With intelligent project management, productivity-enhancing tools and always tailoring globalization solutions suited to budget, we make every effort to save you time and money. After all, it is in our interest to be part of your growth. Our goal is that you should think of us as an indispensable partner, not as a disposable vendor.

At the Translation Lab, we offer real value.

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