Interpreting Services

With our highly-skilled interpreters covering 58 language combinations, 100+ fields of specialty, and the entire gamut of interpreting techniques, The Translation Lab has all the talents and resources to custom design interpreting solutions that will best match your needs and budget.

When international channels want to retransmit the Oscar award ceremony show live in their countries, they turn to The Translation Lab to find the highest skilled interpreters who will know how to convey a presenter’s joke on the spur of the moment.

When a leading manufacturer for medical instruments organizes an international conference to introduce their new cranial perforator to a group of Japanese neurosurgeons, they know that they can trust The Translation Lab to provide expert interpreting.

Whatever the nature and scope of your interpreting communication needs, we can custom design interpreting solutions to fit your objectives, environment and budget.

We offer a complete range of state-of-the-art conferencing equipment, from portable transmitters and receivers to full conference systems and soundproof booths.

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