Game-changing Translation Solutions

Media and entertainment companies, studios, manufacturers, publishers, retailers and licensors depend on our expertise to deliver perfectly localized content for their products in record time. With increasingly shorter time-to-market cycles, they know that we always follow tight in their stride so that they can stay ahead of the game, no matter how frantic the race.

Each year, The Translation Lab produce hundreds of translations in multiple languages for gaming guides, console accessories, hardware and software user manuals, packaging and instructions for building sets, action figures, arts & crafts, youth electronics, infant and preschool toys and many other.

In a demographics where cultural awareness is keen and language is fast-evolving with the constant introduction of new concepts and technologies, we keep tuned-in to the trend when we don’t set it into motion. We know the lingo of your target market. We know the moment when “cool” is no longer “hot”, “hot” no longer “cool”, and what’s the new “cool” and what’s the new “hot”. We know it from Armenian to Yugoslavian, and all the languages in between.

Whether you develop content for video games or write copy for toy packaging, your message needs to be right on target, in tone and register. Our translators have the special skills it takes to speak to underground gamers in their lingo or engage preteens at their level. So, let us be your voice.

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