Tried and True Processes

There’s really no need for “proprietary” methodologies to ensure quality. Translation firms may be dangling this asset as a marketing hook, giving an air of secrecy to what should be simply tried and true processes. At the Translation Lab, we are clear about how we achieve high quality language services through and through: topnotch linguistic and thematic experts for superior translations; intelligent project management combined with productivity-enhancing technologies for cost-saving and fast turnarounds; extensive checks and reviews for quality assurance.

Because translation is first and foremost a human endeavor it is by nature subject to the pitfalls of human error. Though, translation should never be an added risk management item. Therefore, with multi-tiered reviews and the use of intelligent CAT tools , we are able to deploy a virtually error-proof quality assurance system, delivering reliable translations, time after time.

Our quality assurance mandates that every translation gets reviewed by an experienced editor hand picked to compliment the lead translator’s skills. Marketing rhetoric, business-case and technical material can be found in a single document. Therefore, we take great care in teaming-up linguists who together can successfully cross between such various fields. Our editors review the translation line by line by comparing it against the source language document. Through this reviewing process, we ensure that the target document is accurate, consistent in its use of terminology, compliant with the spelling, grammatical and typographical rules of the target language, and always appropriate in style, tone and register.

This dynamic process of peer review pushes our translators to excel. Producing accurate translations fit for purpose is the easy part. Obtaining peer approval and recognition from their most respected colleagues is what turns excellence into greatness, well-written content into inspired copy. We see it at work every day.

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