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In the global village, there is no shortage of translation service providers. From virtual translators’ communities to mom & pop brick and mortar outlets and publicly listed companies, the choices are many. Though, as unlimited as these resources may seem, trusted and quality partners are harder to come by. Our worth as a translation service provider largely depends on the quality of the language professionals we hire. This is why we have developed a comprehensive selection system which ensures that we only team up with the best. Our screening involves demanding requirements in education, experience, specialized knowledge, professional accreditations and certification through our own rigorous internal testing.


Many translation providers vouch for the accuracy of their work by hiring exclusively native speakers. At The Translation Lab, having a native command of the target language is a basic requirement, not a panacea. In fact, mastering the target language at the level of erudition is the first prerequisite for eligibility in our pool of language professionals.


With many years of experience, our translators have fine-tuned their skills to perfection. At the same time, we are committed to the advancement of the profession and helping novice translators hone their own craft. Paired with our most senior editors, translators interning with us are given the chance to acquire this valuable experience.


If it took the knowledge of a mechanical engineer, a neurophysiologist, a litigation lawyer, or a savvy copywriter to write the original document, it is most likely that it will take the same skills to translate it. Our translators have advanced degrees backed up by years of in-the-field experience in a variety of technical, financial, medical and legal arenas. With up-to-date knowledge of the subject material and its nomenclature in the source and target languages, they are expertly equipped to handle the translation of complex and challenging text.


Our linguists’ accreditations with ATA, CCIA, NAJIT, SCATIA, and many other valued organizations of the trade bespeaks their professionalism. Some of these organizations extend membership through testing and/or through subscription fees. By being active members of these various organizations, our translators show their commitment to the advancement of their profession as they endorse its code of conduct and best business practices.

Internal Certification

We have designed our own evaluation system, which takes into account the key components of quality translation:  linguistic expertise reflected in the accurate use of grammar, typography, style, tone and register, but also industry-specific knowledge reflected in the mastery of terminology and concepts.